The most popular extra shoot I get asked for is a boudoir shoot;
A tastefully sexy shoot of the bride-to-be.
This is usually arranged in secret and the resulting images are presented to the groom on the wedding day as gift from his new bride.

I also sometimes get asked for an Engagement Shoot;
The bride and groom to-be, in a nice location; the woods or the beach maybe. Some quiet, romantic shots of a couple in love.

And very occasionally I get asked for a 'Trash The Dress' shoot.
The bride invites a few close friends to a location to literally trash the wedding dress, to symbolise that she has married for life, and the dress will no longer be needed.

These and other similar shoots are arranged at my regular photo-shoot prices
A wedding is unlike any other type of photo-shoot.
There's no second chance to get it right. You NEED a professional.

I guarantee that whatever the weather, whatever surprises the day throws at us,
I will supply you with gorgeous images to match your memories of the occasion. 

To ensure this, I arrange at least one Pre-Wedding Consultation;
to discuss your expectations, style requirements etc.
This is to help us get to know each other,
and gives you opportunity to ask me any questions you have

Whenever possible I also arrange a Venue-Viewing,
to acquaint myself with possible problems/opportunities
that the venue may present.

Wedding photography has changed a lot.
The formal, stiff poses of yesteryear aren't seen so much now.
I prefer to work in a more candid/reportage style.
This cuts down a lot of the time spent by your guests
waiting around to be called up to stand rigidly and smile on command.

It also produces more memorable and meaningful images of your special day.
Up to 5 hours of photography: (+/- 200 images)       €950
Up to 9 hours of photography: (+/- 400 images)       €1300
Up to 7 hours of photography: (+/- 300 images)       €1100
All wedding packages include:
At least one pre-wedding consultation
Professional photo-coverage for the agreed time frame
Editing and post-production of the images
Delivery of Hi-resolution, ready-to-print images in digital format

Stephen Young