A photo-shoot is not something that many people are familiar with.
Below are a few tips that will help you get the best from your time in front of the camera.

But first, let’s dispel a popular myth;  The one that goes. “I never look good in pictures”
I believe there is no such thing as un-photogenic.

There are though some things you can help you have a great experience, and have the best possible chance of fantastic photographs.
Have an idea of what style of photos you want.
Business-like, natural, romantic, sexy.
You could even bring magazine clippings of pictures you like.

A one hour shoot usually has enough time for only two changes of outfit.
Choose carefully, or book a longer shoot to accommodate more outfits.

Hair and make-up should suit the style of clothes you are going to wear.
Bring make-up for touch-ups if necessary

Groups look good with some uniformity in the choice of clothing.
Liase with all concerned beforehand to avoid clashes of colour/style .

If the intention is to do a boudoir shoot (nude or semi-nude pictures)
then don’t wear any tight clothing for the few hours leading up to your shoot.
This avoids red pressure marks on the skin.

Although shoots usually work better with just the photographer and the subject,
feel free to bring someone along with you if it would make you feel more at ease.
1 hour photo-shoot: Including post-shoot editing (+/- 2 hour)
and 20-30 Hi-resolution digital images
€185 (in the studio)   €145 (on location)
2 hour photo-shoot: Including post-shoot editing (+/- 3 hours)
and 30-40 Hi-resolution digital images)

€285 (in the studio)   €245 (on location)
All photo-shoot packages include:
Photography for the agreed time, in the studio or on location
All post-shoot editing/enhancement  of the images
Hi-resolution, ready-to-print images in digital format
* I may elect to waive all/part of the fees
for a project I find particularly interesting
* Prices are excluding 21% BTW
Stephen Young