"The eyes can only look, it's the mind that truly sees"
Stephen Young
Portrait Photography
Boudoir/Nude Photography
Maternity Photography
Wedding Photography
Portrait photography is not simply about taking a nice picture of the subject's face.
A good photographer will work hard to capture the character and the personality of the subject.
This is something that can only be achieved when the photographer and subject work together and build a rapport that allows the subject to be themselves instead of 'posing' for the camera.
Without question, I believe everyone can look good nude or nearly nude.
Of course not everyone is a supermodel, but everyone has some part of their body that is beautiful.
It could be beautiful shoulders or legs.
Maybe a beautiful neck or back.
The skill with Boudoir/Nude photography is to accentuate those beautiful aspects, while using light, shadows and posing to convey a certain mystery and allure in the images.
It's been said that a woman is at her most feminine during pregnancy.
There is something so wonderous and magical about this time in a woman's life that is just crying out to be photographed.
Alone, with a partner or with other children, a maternity shoot is always a fantastic thing to be part of.
There are few things in life as rare as a couple's wedding day.
There is only one chance to capture the joy, excitement, love and spectacle of this special occasion.
Gone are the days of wedding albums full of stiff family groups and their forced smiles
A good wedding photographer will be able to provide a permanent record of the happy couple, their friends and family, relaxed and having fun.
And achieve this with the minimum of fuss and interference in the day's proceedings.